Djokovic and the impressive figures at age 33


Today 22/5, Novak Djokovic is 33 years old. Here is the most impressive milestone of the world’s number one player.

1. By now, Djokovic was the first and only complete “Golden Masters”, which won all nine different Masters 1000 awards. He also holds the record for the only four consecutive Grand Slam championships, on three different sides of the pitch (2015-2016).

Djokovic was crowned in Indian Wells, Miami, Monte-Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Canada, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris. Photo: ATP.

2. Djokovic had the second highest win rate in history of 83%, only to be inferior to Rafael Nadal (83.2%). In his career, Djokovic won 911 matches and lost 187 matches.

3. Djokovic holds a record three league champions three consecutive Grand Slam tournaments. After the Wimbledon Championships 2011, 2015, 2018, Serbian players were crowned in the US Open and Australian Open.

4. Djokovic holds the record four consecutive ATP Finals champions – the league for the eight best players of the year, from 2012-2015.

5. Djokovic ended the year ending in a world number one position, using Federer, Nadal, Jimmy Connors and just inferior to Pete Sampras (six times).

6. Djokovic holds the record for the Masters 1000 title for a year, when he won six times in 2015.

7. Djokovic was the only two-time champion in seven consecutive tournaments. For the first time in 2011, the second was in the 2015-2016 period.

8. Djokovic holds a record of eight Australian Open Championships. He is also one of the eight people completing the “Career Grand Slam”, which has a full collection of four Grand Slam sets.

Djokovic celebrates the Australian 2020 expansion Championship. Photo: AP.

Djokovic celebrates the Australian 2020 expansion Championship. Photo: AP.

9. Djokovic sold nine consecutive Grand Slam finals, from Roland Garros 2014 to Roland Garros 2016. In it, he won six times, entering the finals twice and only once stopped in the semifinals. Previously, he had 14 consecutive Grand Slam series in the semifinals, from 2010-2013.

10. Djokovic stood in the top 3 worlds for 10 consecutive years, from 2007-2016. He also entered the quarter-finals of Roland Garros for the nearest 10 years.

11. Djokovic won 11 championships in 2015, including three Grand Slam. In this year, he won 82 matches and lost only six, reaching 93.2% win rate and earning 21.15 million.

12. Djokovic 12 appearances in the ATP Finals, only Andre Agassi (13 times) and Roger Federer (17 times).

13. Djokovic 13 times in the Grand Slam finals from Wimbledon 2014 to present. In it, Serbian players won 11 times.

14. Djokovic 14 wins the player at number one position in the world. 14 is also the ATP 500 title number of “Nole”.

15. In 2015, Djokovic set the final record in 15 consecutive tournaments.

2015 is considered the most successful year of Djokovic's career. Photo: ATP.

2015 is considered the most successful year of Djokovic’s career. Photo: ATP.

16. Djokovic holds the record 16 times in the Grand Slam Championship finals (Champion 11 times). He also possessed a remarkable head-in against Kei Nishikori (16 wins-2 losses) and Juan Martin Del Potro (16 wins-4 losses).

17. Djokovic won 17 Grand Slam in his career, inferior to Nadal (19) and Federer (20).

18. Djokovic retained the record for 18 consecutive finals in the top league (including Grand Slam, Masters 1000 and ATP Finals), in the 2015-2016 period.

19. Djokovic first entered the world top 10 in December 3/2007, at the age of 19 months.

20. Djokovic first won the Grand Slam at the age of 20, 8 months, in Australia extended 2008.

Djokovic celebrates the Australian 2008 expansion Championship. Photo: AP.

Djokovic celebrates the Australian 2008 expansion Championship. Photo: AP.

21. Before the tennis crippled because of the Covid-19, Djokovic was holding 21 consecutive wins, including 18 in the beginning of the year 2020.

22. In 2019, Djokovic won 22 games and lost two Grand Slam tournaments. He won the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

23. Djokovic won the second Grand Slam in Australia 2011, when he was 23 years old for 8 months.

24. Djokovic first entered the world number one in May 7/2011, at the age of 24.

25. Djokovic held a record 25 Masters 1000 title on the Hard field. He also possessed a superior head record against Tomas Berdych (25 wins-3 losses) and Andy Murray (25 wins-11 losses).

26. Djokovic 26 Grand Slam finals, winning 17 and losing 9. He underwent 26 consecutive Grand Slam as one of two welded seedsHead g, from Roland Garros 2011 to Wimbledon 2017.

27. Djokovic was a father at age 27, when his son, Stefan was born 10/2014. He won 27 games against Federer (losing 23 matches).

28. Djokovic was the only person in history to win 28 appearances in nine different Masters 1000 awards.

29. Djokovic won 29 matches against Nadal (lost 26). Nadal is the most faced rival Djokovic in his career.

Djokovic (right) and Nadal met a total of 55 appearances. Photo: Reuters.

Djokovic (right) and Nadal met a total of 55 appearances. Photo: Reuters.

30. The longest winning sequence at Djokovic’s Grand Slam is 30, from Wimbledon 2015 to Wimbledon 2016.

31. Djokovic set a record to win 31 matches against the world’s top 10 opponents in the same year (2015).

32. During his career, Djokovic won 32% of the games. He had to pay the ball 12,806 game through 1,056 games, and won the 4,099 game among them.

33. Djokovic was 33 years old today, 22/5.



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