‘ Post-letter ‘ deeply stressed Trump-WHO


The same day he committed to contributing US $2 billion to WHO against Covid-19, Trump sent the “Ultimate Letter” 4 pages to criticize and threaten this organization.

The content of the letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) was posted by US President Donald Trump on Twitter in 18/5, detailing the issues he decided to recover in March 4, when the declaration ceased to contribute the budget to the WHO in 60 days with the alleged organization of this Chinese bias in the process of reresponding to Covid-19.

In the new letter sent, the White House boss also threatens if the WHO does not “commit to substantial improvement” within the next 30 days, the U.S. will permanently cut aid to the organization and “reconsider” their membership.

US President Donald Trump in meeting on Covid-19 at the White House yesterday 20/5. Photo: Reuters.

The nuances given by Trump in the context of WHO members are attending the online meetings of the World Health Council (WHA), the WHO’s decision-making agency, aimed at promoting international response to the Covid-19. However, the US-central strain is said to overwhelm other problems, including getting countries through the resolution of opening global surveys on the epidemic, causing WHO to be trapped in the middle.

“WHA has been turned into a political stage. It is worth worrying that it is happening in the midst of the Covid-19 “, Lawrence Gostin, professor of global health law at Georgetown University, USA, who provides technical support to WHO.

The commentators of Washington Post Given that the Trump letter meaning sends WHO very clearly, that if the organization does not change, the U.S. will withdraw. However, Trump does not articulate WHO must change anything to be American, their biggest sponsor, grants money back.

Trump said the discussions between Washington and the leaders WHO were underway, but did not provide detailed information. Meanwhile, WHO gives or they “are considering the contents of the letter”.

Trump’s central point in the message is that WHO handled the crisis wrongly, as they agreed with the nCoV assessment “not spread from person to person” given by the Chinese in the first weeks. “Apparently his repeated mistakes and organizations in response to the epidemic have caused the world to pay too expensive,” Trump writes, referring to the CEO WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Many governments, researchers and community health professionals have also been surprised by WHO does not express more skepticism about Chinese claims in the middle of January, that no nCoV evidence is transmitted from person to person.

The letter presented back some old fears and added new issues, but there were seemingly not really accurate Trump things. He said WHO “ignored credible reports of viral spread in Wuhan in early March 12/2019, even earlier”, then cited the information published by Lancet Medical Journal as proof.

However, Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of Lancet, 19/5 for the next month or magazine until the end of January new published the first article on Covid-19.

In the letter, Trump criticized WHO for repeatedly praising China’s “transparency”, despite evidence that the country officials “gagged” the denuits and statistics of the lower-than-actual infection.

However, the U.S. president himself has made a similar statement. “America greatly appreciated the efforts and transparency of China”, Trump yesterday 24/1 referring to the way Beijing Covid-19 processors.

By the day 7/2, Trump still claimed he was not concerned about Beijing hiding the epidemic. On 26/3, he said China “is working very hard”, then on the day 4/3 give or they have control of the situation.

Critics said that if Trump was in the same threat to him, the WHO health plan would be severely affected. In addition to the mandatory contribution to maintaining membership, the U.S. provides greater voluntary funding, with a total of about 15% of the organisation’s budget.

Trump is difficult to cut a mandatory donation if it is not approved by the U.S. Congress. However, the potential risk in voluntary funding due to this amount is intended to serve the WHO program, such as polio eradice, against preventable diseases of vaccine, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, or the provision of basic health care services.

There are signs that America is slowly leaving WHO. Sources in the U.S. government reveal that the officer is reviewing budget transfers for WHO to other non-governmental community health organizations. The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs has recently no longer mentioned WHO in the information about nCoV.

These actions sparked fears that the U.S. could lose its influence on the international school in Chinese hands. After Trump’s “late letter”, Peking immediately attacks, accused the Americans from taking advantage of them as an excuse to evade financial obligations given by the Member States of WHO.

“US uniltless ceased to contribute to violating their own international obligations. We’re still in very important stages. Support WHO helps maintain polyism, at the same time, in support of the process of international cooperation against the epidemic and to save people’s lives “, the spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry summoned the 19/5, respectively, added that the Trump administration” is trying to fight the public, smeared in China and blamed for their own weak reactions “.

About the American image rating experts at the WHA’s meeting is pretty pale. The US-central leader was invited, but he set the speech. Chinese media describes their president as a world leader who cares about the global community, adding that WHO is an indispensable coordination agency.

“The U.S. has abandoned every ambition to hold global leadership, as well as the functionality of its global inspiration”, former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt wrote in his post on the Washington Post. “This is a very new, sad fact is so”.

Pearl (According to Washington Post)


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