Selling smartphone: determining value, preparing sales


Where should I sell my smartphone? How much is it still worth and where do I get the most money for it? We have dealt with the most important questions and will also tell you how your smartphone should prepare for sale.

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Preparing a smartphone for sale

So that the buyer of your smartphone does not post under your name on Facebook, you should delete your data. And before that, a backup is appropriate so that your data is not gone once and for all. In separate articles we show how to reset your smartphone before selling and delete everything:

What else is my smartphone worth?

Different sales portals offer to determine the current value of your smartphone. Often, however, their estimate is significantly lower than the price you can still get with some initiative for your used smartphone.

So look for your smartphone model on eBay and see what price past auctions have ended. Sets the appropriate filters for the search results.

ebay search finished auctions

The green prices signal finished auctions. / © AndroidPIT

Then click on the particularly expensive offers and find out how the sellers were able to get the good price. Was the description particularly good? Were the photos of high quality? Has the previous owner included a lot of accessories? If the price is worth it, you can use the button in the offer Sell such an item and create an secan after this template.

The smartphone is damaged or worth too little? Donate it!

If the expected price does not justify the effort, you can donate your smartphone for processing. For this purpose, the German Environmental Aid hasMobile phones for the environment” . . . . . . . . . . . Professionals will then repair your smartphone if necessary and resell it at a low cost.

Where should I sell my smartphone?

Auction your smartphone on eBay

With all its buyer protection options, rating system and huge user base that increases your chances of selling, eBay is arguably the most obvious place to sell the smartphone. Advertisement is free of charge – at least that applies to the first 20 advertisements per month. Extra requests such as a fixed starting price above one euro or the start at a scheduled time cost extra. And in the end, another ten percent of the price achieved (excluding shipping costs) is added. So if your smartphone sells on eBay for 240 euros, you will probably stay at the fully automatic auction house for around 27 euros. (Overview of fees)

Sell your smartphone in classifiedads/Facebook/Forum

Significantly cheaper, namely without fees, you sell your smartphone on eBay classified ads, in a Facebook group or in a forum. The big catch: Payment and shipping are based on trust via private message. If you can, you will meet directly with the buyer. He can look at your smartphone in peace and give you the money in cash.

Did you have a time on your smartphone Custom-ROM installed or is it a particularly exotic variant? In relevant forums you will probably find the community that is most open to Root and other smartphone modifications. Here, however, you must make no secret of whether or not you have already modified your smartphone in the advertisement; as set out in the guidelines for offering hardware.

Selling your smartphone via reseller (reseller)

Resellers are a good compromise to sell the smartphone: they offer you less money than an eBay auction or even the sale by advertisement. For this, the business is largely risk-free; after all, you are dealing with professionals. For a few months now, Media Markt (thanks to its partner Ecoatm) among the resellers:

Many online providers follow the same principle. In the quick test we compared what they would give us for a flawless Galaxy S9 Duos 64GB two years after release (Source: Bonavedi):

With the reseller Zoxs you can add another ten percent to the determined value if you buy your next smartphone directly in the shop. This is also refurbished, so that you do something good for the environment.

Sell used smartphone: Conclusion

As you can see, each of the possibilities has its advantages and pitfalls. eBay delivers a good compromise of profit opportunity and security, but involves effort. Resellers save you work, eliminate most of the risks, but take a portion of the margin for yourself. ebay classified ads are attractive in cities and agglomerations, where customers and sellers can meet in person.

How do you handle your old smartphones? Do you use them until you can only donate them? Or do you sell regularly and supply the used market with good goods?


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